The Best 90s Dresses To Wear and Style Right Now

90s dresses, woman wearing long dress with black headband

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90s dresses are super trendy and can look very chic on all women. That period left an iconic mark, and thus we are excited to present our top picks for styling and wearing these dresses.

Are you feeling nostalgic about the 90s fashion era? Well, you’re not alone! Everyone’s obsessed with the 90’s aesthetic and women back then sure knew how to dress. From mom jeans to grunge tees to crop tops and body glitter, they rocked it all, particularly the 90s dresses.

This era has left a significant impact on the runway and fashion industry, and 90s dresses have made a huge comeback. From grunge to romantic, the 90s dresses offer something for everyone. Let’s dive into the top classic 90s dress trends that you need to add to your wardrobe this year!

1.) Embrace The Romantic Appeal

floral milkmaid dress with puff sleeves

Photo: @alfawears

The key to the 90s look is puffy sleeves and sweetheart or square necklines, and these details are making a comeback in fashion which is why investing in a dress with these details are must for the classic look.

A midi dress with a square neckline and puffed sleeves screams romantic 90s vibe. They are so playful and add a feminine touch; we are totally in love with this trend.

These dresses are perfect for a causal daytime outfit as well as date nights. You can play around with colors and prints to compliment your personal style.

2.) Slip Into a Casual Slip Dresses

woman wearing red velvet slip dress with orange fur coat

If you want to channel your inner 90s goddess, then a slip dress is a must-have. These dresses are timeless and versatile women’s clothing piece, making them a go-to for any occasion.

You can pair them with sneakers and hoops for a casual daytime look or style them with a t-shirt underneath for a cool, layered effect.

If you are under the in impression that slip dresses can’t look grunge then think again. To add some edge to your outfit, try pairing a slip dress with ripped tights, chunky sneakers and a leather jacket.

3.) Chic Polo Neck Dresses and tiny sunglasses

woman wearing ripped polo neck dress with tiny sunglasses

Photo: @Nicole

Polo neck mini dresses with short sleeves and a bodycon fit were a staple in the 90s wardrobe. These dresses give off a minimalistic vibe and can be styled with ankle-length socks, sneakers, and a baguette bag for a vintage look.

These 90s dresses look so effortlessly chic and are the perfect casual attire. Pair with sneakers and complete the outfit with some tiny sunglasses for a touch of 90s glamour.

For colder seasons, try pairing 90’s dresses with a denim jacket or leather jacket.

4.) Baby doll 90s dresses

woman wearing baby doll dress

Photo: @violetmae

80’s era was all about form-fitting silhouettes but the 90’s replaced this with loose, baggy clothes. The babydoll dress embodied this trend perfectly, featuring a flowy skirt, high waistline, and puff sleeves.

The loose fit, flowy skirt, and high waistline make it perfect for hot summer days. Pair it with scrunchies and tiny sunglasses for the ultimate 90s look.

5.) Floral Prints For A Feminine Touch

Woman wearing pink floral print dress

Photo: @y2kaesthetic

Floral print midi dresses were a popular pick for women in the 90s, and they’re still going strong today.

A soft pink floral dress is a perfect spring and summer look because the floral pattern adds a touch feminine to the dress and the light color is associated with the warmer seasons. Pair with a white bag and sneakers to complete the look. You can even layer them with a t-shirt for a more casual look.

90s dresses - Conclusion

In conclusion, 90s dresses are a timeless trend that will never go out of style. These dresses offer something for everyone, from casual to romantic to edgy. So, why not add some 90s flair to your wardrobe this year? With these tips, you’ll be rocking the 90s dress trend like a pro.

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