6 ICONIC 90's Grunge Fashion outfit ideas

90's grunge fashion outfits

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The 90’s grunge fashion is the new thing for this year and we will provide you with some iconic outfits that are perfect for a grunge inspired wardrobe.

Grunge Style

Music has always had an influence on the fashion industry, however, in the 80’s and 90’s music artists and bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Donita Sparks, Courtney Love and Soundgarden all had an influence on grunge fashion.

The 90’s grunge aesthetic is making a comeback this year, and while it might not be hard core grunge with dark clothes or goth makeup, we might see more subtle influences and soft 90’s grunge inspiration instead.

1.) Distressed Mini Skirt with a Tee

woman wearing distressed mini skirt with tee

Photo: @lane201

If you want to get the grunge aesthetic but don’t want to wear ripped jeans, a distressed mini skirt is a great alternative! Either blue denim or a black skirt rocks the 90’s grunge fashion look.

Pair with a plain t shirt, fishnets and converse shoes or chunky boots for a soft grunge style, or go the full punk rock grunge look with dark colors, a band tee and black combat boots.

Alternatively, if miniskirts aren’t your thing, then you can always choose distressed denim shorts which can still achieve that edgy style.

2.) Flannel Skirt with a Graphic Tee

woman wearing blue flannel skirt, graphic tee and white turtleneck

The 90’s grunge fashion didn’t stop at the flannel button downs… flannel skirts are a huge part of the grunge aesthetic! A plait skirt And graphic tee to be exact.

For colder weather, layering your graphic tee with a long sleeve under can look really cool as it adds more dimension. Complete the grunge look with doc martins and oversized sunglasses. 

3.) Oversized Flannel shirts with faded Denim

woman wearing flannel skirt with faded black pants

If you have ever watched the TV show ‘Friends’ then you will know all too well how a plaid shirt or flannel shirt down with a pair of mom jeans was a wardrobe essential. Pair your flannel button down with converse shoes and you have an iconic 90’s grunge fashion look.

If you want to get a more grunge aesthetic, choose oversized flannels shirts and pair them with shredded and faded denim for that ultimate grunge aesthetic. Ripped denim jeans are great at adding edge to the outfit and the baggy jeans add to overall casual grunge look.

4.) Floral Dresses with a Leather Jacket

woman wearing floral dress and leather jacket

Photo: @dailymail

While you might not typically associate floral dresses with the grunge style, 90’s grunge fashion is all about going against the norm. Pairing your floral dress with leather jackets instantly adds some edge you’re your look.

You can also bring another element of edge into your outfit by pairing your floral mini dress with combat boots or doc martens, a style widely inspired by the Riot Grrrls. The extra addition of the leather black boots completes the look and compliments leather jacket.

5.) Graphic Tee and a denim jacket

woman wearing graphic tee, denim jacket and fringe skirt

The 90’s grunge fashion era was dominated by denim, so if you want to build the ultimate grunge inspired wardrobe, a denim jacket is a must!

Another grunge staple is the graphic tee. This type of t shirt can look really punk especially if you oft for a grunge band tee.

Pair your denim jacket with a graphic tee, high waisted pants, combat boots and some chocker necklaces to get the perfect grunge style.

6.) An Oversized Knit Sweater

oversized sweater

Photo: @fairypeony

90’s grunge fashion is all about oversized and loose silhouettes. An oversized sweater is perfect to get that grunge look. Pair with chunky boots to complement the oversized fit and layer jewelry for an edgy feel.

An oversized sweater can be extremely versatile. For example it can be worn over black jeans or a black skirt depending on the weather and your own personal style. Platform shoes can look very cool and grunge when paired with on oversized knit sweater with ripped tights and long socks.


The great thing about 90’s grunge fashion is that you can mix and match items in your closet to create the level of grunge you are after. Have a play around with your style and remember that the 90’s was all about fun and breaking the rules so try different items.   

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