5 Ways to Style Elegant Classy Outfits for Every Occasion

Women wearing elegant classy outfits

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With these easy tips, you can create elegant classy outfits for any occasion by mixing and matching staple pieces in your wardrobe!

Looking elegant and classy shouldn’t be difficult and it also doesn’t have to leave a dent in your wallet! Learn how to dress classy every day and instead of chasing the latest fashion trends, invest in wardrobe essentials to create a capsule collection. You can still get that classy look while still expressing your personal style.

In this article, we provide our top tips for styling elegant and sophisticated outfits suitable for nearly any occasion. You may be surprised by how small adjustments to your current outfit can drastically enhance your overall appearance and achieve the elegant style you are after.

1.) Invest in Classic Neutrals

woman wearing elegant clothes in neutral colors


Neutral colors are timeless and create the perfect base for building a capsule wardrobe. 

Investing in classic neutrals and keeping everything to a neutral color palette, means everything in your wardrobe will fit together. Let’s be real, you can always rely on a good quality white T-shirt! Plus, even if you wear solid colors or a splash of prints, it won’t compete with your other items!

Choosing classic styles in neutral colors means they won’t go out of style. It’s also a good idea to invest in high-quality fabrics so they last longer and to create an elegant outfit. 

A trench coat is an example of a good investment buy for a capsule wardrobe because it creates such a chic and sophisticated look while being the perfect transitional piece.

Trench coats are also perfect for an everyday business chic style. Every good wardrobe needs a good trench coat!

2.) Mix and Match - Your Personal style

2 women wearing pink and zebra print outfits

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Choose complementary pieces of clothing and have a play around with them to create various styles. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal style to create a unique outfit that reflects your personality and style preference.

To create a more casual chic outfit, flat long boots are a great option. Or you can dress up classic staples for a louder statement while keeping that classy style.

3.) Fit over Size - understanding your body type

Woman wearing yellow maxi dress

Photo: @Loydicarrion

When it comes to dressing elegant classy outfits, fit is everything! Understanding your body type is key to creating the silhouette you want to achieve which is key for a classy outfit. It’s more important to dress for your figure than it is to wear expensive clothes or luxury brands.

For example, a black dress that complements your figure can be the base for a classy look without breaking the bank. Simple outfits such as a silk blouse or a shirt dress with a belt are also great examples of dressing classy without spending too much money.

Wear clothes that fit you right and you will look a million bucks!

4.) Style your Hair when you Dress Classy

woman with hair in claw clip

Photo: @weheartit

To complete your elegant classy outfits, make sure to style your hair. A low bun or slicked-back ponytail is a perfect classy styling example that presents the polished appearance of a classy woman. However, a simple claw click works well on lots of different hair lengths and textures.

Another tip for looking like a classy lady is not over overboard with makeup. Minimal makeup creates a clean and polished look. If you don’t like to wear makeup that’s perfectly fine. You can always just stick to moisture and make sure your eyebrows are brushed through so they look tidy.

It’s a balance of looking clean and sophisticated but choose your moments! For example, red lipstick can look classy but maybe not be the best option for everyday wear.

5.) Black Never Goes Out of Style

woman wearing black dress with feather trim

Photo: @arolora

If you are struggling with elegant classy outfits, remember that black never goes out of style! A black dress can look effortlessly classy and can be worn for lots of different types of events.

The color black is super versatile so pairing black or dark clothing with bright solid colors compliments each other really well. Try adding a splash of color to your all-black outfit through accessories or jewellery.

Black won’t be going out of style anytime soon and every fashion designer will have something you like in black. It’s one of those colors that go with every skin tone so pick timeless pieces in this color.


Incorporate these style tips when creating your elegant, classy outfits. Choose clothing that you can wear for more than one season and invest in a skilled tailor to ensure a perfect fit.

By following these tips, you can create a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces that will make you feel confident and stylish for every occasion.

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