How to style mom jeans: 5 Ways to style with outfit ideas

If you are looking for ways to style mom jeans then follow our fashion tips and outfit ideas to help elevate your wardrobe and keep your fit looking fresh. This is how to style mom jeans!
How to style mom jeans - Woman wearing mom jeans, black boots, and yellow fur trim coat
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Mom jeans have always been a popular choice back in the day but they have also made a cool and stylish come back for the last several years. However, if you are the type of person that wears exclusively sweatpants, or just needs some styling tips on how to style mom jeans, this blog will cover the best mom jeans outfit ideas for a modern look.

How to style mom jeans

You have your skinny jeans, your boyfriend jeans, your wide leg jeans ect but what are mom jeans? Well, mom jeans are a type of high waisted jeans that are characterized by their loose fit around the hips that taper into a slim fit around the leg and sit at ankle height. 

Mom jeans have experienced a comeback in recent years and can be styled in various different ways. The key to making mom jeans look fashionable is to make sure they fit well. They should sit at the natural waist and avoid mom jeans that are too tight or too loose, as they will not look as stylish.

1.) The casual look

Plain t-shirts

Woman wearing mom jeans with plain white tee tucked in and sunglasses
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If you’re going for a casual look with mom jeans then wearing a plain white tee tucked in is a classic outfit choice. It’s simple but chic and can help define your waistline and improve the silhouette of your outfit.

Graphic tee

woman with graphic tee, mom jeans

Another way to style mom jeans is by pairing them with a graphic tee for a fun and casual look. T-shirts with bold graphics, like band logos, pop culture references, or playful illustrations. This is a great choice for a cool and casual style and you can complete the look with comfortable shoes such as sneakers or even a long sleeve t-shirt underneath.

Chunky knit sweater

Woman wearing ripped mom jeans, chunky knit turtleneck sweater and black ankle boots
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To add a cozy and chic touch, style mom jeans with a chunky knit sweater or cardigan. This is a great choice for the winter and fall months because denim and knitwear can be very thick so it will keep you warm. Opt for a neutral color like beige, white, or grey, and accessorize with a statement belt or necklace for an extra pop.

2.) A smarter style of mom jeans

To style mom jeans to create a smart look, balance the casualness of the jeans with more sophisticated items:


Woman wearing mom jeans with red silk blouse and heels

Avoid overly casual tops or shoes that might dress down the outfit. A key to looking smart and polished is to make sure that the mom jeans outfit is well-tailored and that you look put together and professional. A feminine blouse is a great options that can add a romantic touch to mom jeans. For a spring/summer look, choose a lightweight fabric in a pastel color.

Oversized shirt

Woman wearing mom jeans rolled up with oversized shirt and neon yellow stiletto
Photo: @Milena

For a polished and professional look, wear an oversized shirt and tuck part into your mom jeans. Select a shirt in a neutral color like white, blue, or black for a chic feel. Mom jeans have a high waist so tuck your shirt into your jeans to define your waistline.

Oversized blazer

Woman wearing mom jeans, white crop top, beige blazer and doc martins
Photo: @Panit
Wear mom jeans with an oversized blazer or tailored jacket to instantly elevate your outfit, transforming a casual fit into a smart and chic look.

3.) Wear mom jeans with Statement jackets

Styling mom jeans with denim jacket

Woman wearing blue denim mom jeans and denim jacket with sand turtleneck

A denim jacket is a great way to add a casual and effortless vibe to mom jeans. To style mom jeans for a relaxed look, choose a vintage-inspired denim jacket in a light blue wash, or opt for a darker wash to create a more dressed-up feel.

A cropped denim jacket can look really great with high waisted mom jeans because the cut of the jacket compliments the style of mom jean. The denim on denim looks well put together because of the matching material.

Leather jacket

Woman wearing ripped mom jeans, white sneakers, black leather jacket and a beanie
Photo: @bethbartram

Style mom jeans with a leather jacket for a modern and fashion forward look. Choose a classic black or brown biker jacket for a timeless look, or go for a more edgy look with black mom jeans, a black turtleneck and black leather jacket.

Trench coat

Woman wearing white mom jeans, cream trench coat, white top
Photo: @itisbeaute

A trench coat is an excellent way to add a sophisticated and polished vibe to mom jeans. For a spring/summer look, choose a classic beige trench in a lightweight fabric and go for a monochromatic look with white mom jeans and white top. For a fall/winter look, opt for a heavier fabric in a neutral color like navy or black.

4.) Jeans and a nice top

Statement top

Woman wearing mom jeans and multicoloured strappy top
photo: @angelagiakas

An easy way to style mom jeans for a more dressy occasion is to pair them with a statement top or stylish crop top.


woman wearing brown bodysuit and blue jeans
photo: @carleerose

Style mom jeans with a simple bodysuit to create a sleek and modern look. Ripped mom jeans can add some visual interest to the outfit, but don’t choose a mom jean that is too distressed because it can take away from the sophisticated look.

5.) Footwear and mom jeans

Chunky trainers

Woman wearing ripped mom jeans, white crop top and white sneakers

Wear mom jeans with chunky sneakers or loafers for the ultimate casual chic look. If you don’t have these in your closet, opt for a pair of white sneakers or even ones with a pop of color. The casual look of the jeans mean they pair perfectly with casual shoes.

Heels and strappy sandals

Woman wearing mom jeans, cropped pink shirt and matching pink heels

Try wearing mom jeans with heels or ankle boots for a more dressed up look. Matching your shoes to accessories or even your top can make you look put together and chic. Cuffing the jeans to have ankle showing is a great option to highlight the shoes.


To summarize, the key to style mom jeans is finding the right fit and pairing them with complementary items in your wardrobe. When styled correctly with appropriate accessories, mom jeans can be a trendy and adaptable addition to your fashion repertoire. 

By implementing the fashion advice outlined in this blog, you can effortlessly elevate the look of mom jeans to suit modern fashion trends. Be bold and try out various tops and jackets to create your unique style.

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